Friday, February 5, 2010

Best of 2010: Football is War by Erwin Olaf

The latest entry in Homotography’s Best of 2008 is a fusion of sports, movies, photography, and homoerotic imagery in the name of “Football is War” by photographer Erwin Olaf. Commissioned by AD newspaper to feature the Dutch football team in their Euro Championship special earlier this year, Olaf informed the players upfront that they would be portrayed as "lust objects, that there were sexual and erotic elements and that they would be completely covered in mud.”

“Football is War” is obviously inspired by the movie 300 and shows the Dutch players as Spartan warriors. The participating players were John Heitinga, Rafael van der Vaart, Edwin van der Sar, Joris Mathjsen, Nigel de Jong and Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

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